It's the NCSC Cyber Accelerator Demo Day at Wayra UK!

Welcome to your one-stop-shop to all Demo Day content from the start-ups pitching at the NCSC Cyber Accelerator Demo Day today.

NCSC Cyber Accelerator

The NCSC Cyber Accelerator is a collaboration between the UK Government Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC, part of GCHQ), and Wayra UK (Telefónica's Open Innovation Hub).

The NCSC Cyber Accelerator is run in partnership with Wayra UK, combining the NCSC’s technical expertise and Wayra’s commercial expertise to the world’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Today you can watch the pitches from our two most recent cohorts and also book 1:1s with the Founders!

Get your hands on the NCSC Cyber Accelerator Demo Day Lookbook here.

Watch the pitches

Wayra London 2020

Today you will meet the start-ups from our flagship programme, that is based in our Central London office.

We invest primarily in start-ups that can bring new revenues, innovation and transformation to Telefónica globally and O2 locally.

Get your hands on the Wayra London 2020 Demo Day Lookbook here.

Watch the pitches

Watch the pitches

Health Hub 2020

The Health Hub is a unique partnership between Wayra UK and Novartis Biome UK. Co-designed with the NHS, the Health Hub aims to empower and enable health-tech companies to accelerate innovative solutions which can address key challenges in the healthcare sector.

The Health Hub provides founders with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with leading health experts and decision-makers from Novartis UK, the NHS, and the wider health and tech ecosystem to grow their digital health start-up and to provide solutions at scale.

The whole operating model of the NHS has been transformed, and years of digital transformation is taking place in a matter of days. Today and in the near future, the NHS will rely more than ever before on digital health solutions to ensure wherever clinically and practically possible, patients can access, and should access, healthcare through digital means.

Today you will meet the Health Hub 2020 cohort whose solutions could support the NHS to deal with the medium to long term challenges created by COVID-19 and beyond.

Get your hands on the Health Hub 2020 Lookbook here.

Watch the pitches

Watch the pitches

The Intelligent Mobility Accelerator

This is the first British initiative to successfully bring together government, industry and start-ups to define the future of smart transport.

The programme is a partnership between Wayra UK and Connected Places Catapult and is supported by Hyundai and Amey as part of Ferrovial.

• 36 start-ups have been through the programme since its inception.
• 30 commercial trials have been facilitated through the programme.
• 4 resell contracts have been negotiated with Telefónica / O2.
• $250M has been raised by start-ups within a year of completing the programme.
• 72% of companies developed international operations through the programme.

Get your hands on The Intelligent Mobility Accelerator Demo Day Lookbook here.

Watch the pitches

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